Letter: Bulger verdict must stand

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Sir: There is more at stake in the Thompson and Venables appeal by Tom Loflin than jurisprudence or the rights of children in the legal system ('Bulger case lawyer spurred by international sense of injustice', 24 May). The James Bulger murder trial was a cathartic and traumatic experience reaching far beyond the sad confines of the Bulger family.

The country was horrified and wanted justice, not revenge, for a crime which was seen as a marker point for the state of the nation. I think that justice was achieved but is now under grave threat.

I am fairly liberal in my views on the law and not in the least xenophobic, but I am firmly of the opinion than no one in this country would wish for any revision of the trial result. British justice has failed many people in recent years, the list is a long one and the names are well known, but this time it got it right.

Yours faithfully,



24 May