Letter: Caffeine addiction versus the power of prayer

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Sir: What is all this about caffeine causing withdrawal symptoms of headache, etc (Letters, 24 and 28 July)? My husband and I normally drink six or more cups of strong coffee every day, yet on holiday in Wales recently we drank none (guesthouse coffee was undrinkable]), switching to fruit juice instead. We're not great tea drinkers so were 'caffeine-less' all week, and both felt absolutely fine.

Now we're back and enjoying our favourite brew again. This withdrawal business must surely be a matter of individual reaction. In any case, why deprive oneself of the pleasure of drinking coffee 'for a healthy lifestyle' as Valerie Maddison did, when according to the latest reports it isn't unhealthy? Incidentally, I find if I don't eat breakfast I feel dizzy and headachey, but that doesn't mean breakfast is a Bad Thing, does it?

Yours sincerely,


London, SW4

28 July

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