Letter: Cambridge 'angels' sound a wicked note

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Sir: As your article 'Schooling the sound of innocence' (15 December), on the choristers of King's College, Cambridge, says, they certainly look like angels, but, as I once witnessed, they can be as mischievous as other boys, even when in their Eton collars, top hats and gowns.

It was a golden autumn many years ago. I had taken my books to the river bank behind King's - a quiet spot in those days. The afternoon crocodile of choristers in pairs, smallest at the front, tallest at the rear, approached from across the bridge and turned left to follow the path to the Chapel. A gardener had left a barrow of fallen leaves by the path.

As the dignified procession passed, two older boys stepped out of line, upturned the barrow and tipped its contents into the river. Just as quickly, they resumed their places and made their way to Evensong. I wonder if any of the angels reads the Independent and remembers that diversion?

Yours sincerely,


Goudhurst, Kent

15 December