Letter: Capital view

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THE drawbacks of an "incestuous" London, where political attitudes are shaped by a coterie of politicians and intellectuals living and working within a 12-mile radius of Westminster, are well depicted by Andrew Marr (Section 2, 5 April). Tony Blair now has an excellent opportunity to redress the balance between London and the regions in his reform of the House of Lords.

The newly created second chamber should, like the Bundesrat in Germany, be made up of a cross-section of representatives from the regions. These will be people whose prime interest is in local or regional matters and not, like MPs, simply fitting in with the London-based view in order to achieve promotion. This new second chamber, which should have the power to delay any legislation which affects the regions, would bring a much needed breath of fresh air to London's in-bred politics.

Paul Priestley-Leach

North Ferriby, E Yorks