Letter: Caravaners are nicer people

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From Mr Michael Collins

Sir: If John Lyttle ("Dear Caravaners", 24 July) would like to rid our roads of the touring caravan in order to remove the cause of these so- called "horrendous traffic jams", could I also suggest that he directs his ire and frustration equally to farm tractors, JCBs, lorries, coaches, learner drivers, cyclists, boy racers, geriatrics and mopeds, etc, etc. Perhaps then our roads would be safer places.

Or is Mr Lyttle's frustration really borne out of the fact that he cannot relate to the happy family with 2.3 children enjoying a hard-earned rest on one of the delightfully landscaped caravan sites so common throughout the British Isles and the Continent.

Perhaps he should stick to his seaside B&B or package holiday abroad. In my experience, only nice people go caravaning.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Collins

Yarm, Cleveland

24 July