LETTER: Carers andcareer mothers

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From Ms F. Gilyead

Sir: The answer to Maggie Brown's question (Diary, 14 June) is quite straightforward. Mothers of small children who manage to win and hold down top jobs simply pay someone else to look after their offspring, thereby handing over to someone else a considerable portion of their mothering role.

Giving these "career mothers" credit for doing both jobs simultaneously is unfair. It is rather like a hostess taking all the credit for a delicious meal which has been prepared by caterers.

I don't begrudge these career women their positions, but all the unsung heroines - the nannies, au pairs and the childminders - deserve a far higher profile than they are usually given.

It is the carers who make it possible for these mothers to be so single- minded and they should never be taken for granted.

Yours faithfully,


Cirencester, Gloucestershire