Letter: Caring for everyone in the community

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From Mrs Anne Tombs

Sir: I am writing concerning your article "Mencap `snubs families over residential care' ", 27 March.

Our son is 25 and has severe learning disabilities, epilepsy and sometimes challenging behaviour. When he was born, the only service available was residential care in the local subnormality hospital, but fortunately the trends towards community care meant that he was able to live at home with good education and leisure activities and we were supported with respite care.

Now an adult, he has moved into a well-staffed local residential home where he has his own room and a good quality of life. He attends a day centre where he has physiotherapy, speech therapy and further education.

He has an active social life. We do not want hospital-based provision for our son and we are glad that Mencap has helped us in our fight for a better quality of life for our son.

Yours sincerely,




27 March