Letter: Cathedrals Grants Scheme extended

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Sir: The Dean of St Albans will, I hope, be delighted to learn that the Cathedrals Grants Scheme operated by English Heritage, which he praises (letter, 29 December), has been extended beyond its initial three years. Thanks to the Secretary of State for National Heritage, English Heritage will have the funds to offer up to pounds 4m in grants in each of 1994/95 and 1995/96 to the Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals that qualify for assistance.

Cathedrals, like almost all places of worship, command an extraordinary loyalty from their local communities, and many millions of pounds have been raised by public appeal for the continuous task of repair. Only where these and other resources are insufficient to protect these important buildings does grant come into play. Like the dean, I hope that the manifest success of the scheme will ensure its continuation beyond 1995/96.

Yours faithfully,


Chief Executive

English Heritage

London, W1

30 December