Letter: Catholics in the Anglican church

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Catholics in the

Anglican church

Sir: I am sure that Jack O'Sullivan is wrong when he suggests that the main belief that unites Anglicans is "a dislike of Rome" (Section Two, "Suddenly, it's cool to be Catholic", 3 July).

Most Anglicans do not want to be Roman Catholics because they believe the Church of England to be as much a part of the "true faith" as any other denomination and that the Church of England is the ancient, historic Catholic church of this country. It was the ordination of women to the priesthood that shook this belief among a small minority but was, at worst, a matter of indifference to some and a cause of rejoicing for many.

Mr O'Sullivan will find plenty of ex-Roman Catholics in Anglican churches but the Church of England and the media make less of a fuss about return traffic.


London SE4