LETTER : Cedric Brown's many virtues

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From Mr Geoffrey Battison

Sir: The weight of opprobrium descending on Cedric Brown is beginning to make a witch-hunt look like an understatement.

Why single him out from among the other indecently large earners? Could the reason be that, as part of its ongoing purge, British Gas has removed the bulk of its public relations personnel? Certainly, the succession of catastrophic PR gaffes in recent times suggests that the company has left itself uncharacteristically vulnerable.

As the editor of an independent gas industry magazine for many years, I can testify to Mr Brown's qualities as a distinguished engineer and an approachable and solidly effective executive. Too bad that he scorns the jetset trimmings of other high-flyers. The fact is that he just isn't that kind of man. And therein lies his strength.

Yours faithfully,


Charlton Adam, Somerset