LETTER : Cedric Brown's many virtues

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From Ms Andrea Cook

Sir: It is a reflection of the integrity and decency of Cedric Brown, chief executive of British Gas, that those who regard themselves as his friends and supporters have not been courted to leap to his defence while a very public, and cruel, vilification has taken place. It is precisely those qualities which lead him to provide wise counsel behind the scenes to charities such as Neighbourhood Energy Action, instead of measuring the value of his contribution to their work in the social columns (Vicky Ward; "In Beaconsfield, life's a gas", 13 March).

In the 20 years I have worked in or been associated with the voluntary sector, Cedric Brown stands out as someone who I am proud to know. His social life may not appear to be very exciting to Vicky Ward, but his commitment to his family and company should be given higher regard.

Yours faithfully,



Neighbourhood Energy Action

Newcastle upon Tyne

15 March