LETTER: Chablis socialists who are forced to choose between head and heart

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From Mr William Higgins

Sir: You may be right to say (leading article, 23 January) that politician- parents are entitled to renege on their publicly expressed views to avoid disadvantaging their children. But please don't expect those who passed the 11-plus in the late Sixties only to find that the grammar schools they succeeded in getting into were subsequently shambolically converted into comprehensives, to feel warm and forgiving about it.

Unlike Mr Blair and Ms Harman (Fettes College and St Paul's, respectively), a grammar school was our best hope; and Harold Wilson's Labour government took that back from us.

Notwithstanding your approval, voters will react negatively to any politician who gives at least tacit support to a principle, but who contravenes it the moment its observance becomes inconvenient.

Yours faithfully,

William Higgins

Caterham, Surrey

22 January