Letter: Change is key to motor car gridlock

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Sir: As an inhabitant of the "car capital of Britain" I see no reason why so many should seek to use their cars for so little return. I solved the second car syndrome many years ago. The family car stayed at home.

I took on a new lease of life which I'd thoroughly recommend to anyone, with major benefits to my quality of life, bank account, sanity and timekeeping. My second car became a motorcycle. Using a series of bikes on which I have since commuted over 50 miles a day in all weathers I leave behind long queues of single-occupant cars in bottlenecks, each car contributing to another's frustration.

My preferred mode of transport is also environmentally friendly, using no more road than necessary, drinking the minimum amount of finite resources, and is parked free outside my office. Not only is it a solution to jambusting, it's now fun to commute.