Letter: Chaos as KwaZulu goes to the polls

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Sir: Recalling your recent publication of a letter from me about the South African political electoral scenario, with especial reference to the KwaZulu Inkatha situation and attitudes (30 March), I think you should receive an updated report on what is, or rather is not, happening in and around Ulundi.

Last night on television in Zulu, English and Afrikaans, old, sick or disabled people were urged to come and vote 24 hours ahead of the general poll opening on the 27th. Thousands, as I have seen for myself, responded and all but a handful, after waiting for hours outside the allegedly functioning polling stations, are now being urged to go home and try again tomorrow, or else try to find their way to just one polling station in Ulundi, which began to function at about 10 this morning.

KwaZulu ministers and officials are doing their best to cope with what is organised chaos, but facilities and equipment promised from the main centres, Johannesburg and Durban, are simply not arriving as promised. This is supposed to be a 'fair and free' election. So far it is neither: it is a non-election. For once not even the most rabid pro-ANC, anti- Buthelezi commentator can blame the latter.

Yours etc,


Ulundi, Natal

South Africa

26 April