Letter: Charities welcome good competition

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From Mr Brian Roberts-Wray

Sir: Hind Woodward (Letters, 13 March) expresses concern about the current high profile on the BBC of one specific fundraising event, Red Nose Day.

On discovering the juxtaposition of Red Nose Day on Friday and Marie Curie's Daffodil Day on Saturday, we decided that the latter should continue. All charities seek to be noticed and I believe there is room for wacky red noses as well as charming yellow daffodils; and indeed a wealth of other symbols to mark the generosity of members of the public in supporting a myriad of good causes.

There has long been an element of "competition" in the charitable marketplace, witnessed by local authorities' granting of licences for flag-days on most weekends.

It is our hope that high-profile red noses for one good cause will not lessen the public's resolve to continue to support generously other charities, whether Marie Curie Cancer Care's nurses, scientists and hospices or the work of any other organisation, large or small, which operates in the voluntary sector.

Yours faithfully,


Director of Fund Raising

Marie Curie Cancer Care

London, SW1

13 March