Letter: Charity cards

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Charity cards

Sir: Contrary to the impression given by Jojo Moyes in her article "Card retailers are charity Scrooges" (18 December), Roger la Borde (and lots of other small greetings card publishers) give a much higher proportion of their profits on Christmas card packs to charity than the much-vaunted 30 pence in the pound demanded by Nigel Griffiths, the Labour consumer affairs spokesman.

Small publishers and retailers make far less profit on Christmas cards than multiple retailers, who can reduce costs by printing huge quantities and selling through their own outlets. Criticising small publishers and independent retailers for giving smaller proportions of the retail price to charity than large chains such as WH Smith is like criticising one person for giving you only half of their jam tart while praising another for giving you a slice of their cake.


Roger la Borde

London NW6