LETTER: Charles and Diana: both committed to helping young people

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From Miss A. M. S. Hutton-


Sir: While the backdoor methods of achieving the Princess of Wales's Panorama interview were regrettable, the programme left me with a feeling of hope. As your leading article indicated, we are indeed witnessing the emergence of a new-style monarchy, but it will need nurturing.

More credit should be given to Prince Charles whose courageous forays into personal expression on public matters paved the way for Princess Diana. If he sounds diffident and now "appears remote and isolated", it is largely because his efforts were met with scorn and derision in the press and provided an easy butt for satire.

He is, in fact, the bridge between old and new, deeply rooted in tradition, yet also espousing views ahead of their time. It is not surprising he envies the reception accorded to his wife. He really "cares" too.

The kind of monarchy embodied by the senior members of the Royal Family suited their time and served us well. The emphasis should now be on encouraging a healthy evolution, not division and rivalry.

Charles and Diana each offer a valuable contribution to society and the media should support them both as they explore new roles.

Yours etc,

A. M. S. Hutton-Wilson

Evercreech, Somerset