Letter: Cheap rail fares

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YOU report that cheap rail fares are on the way out (24 February). This is not true.

You state the rise in Supersaver fares at 7 per cent above inflation; we make it slightly less than this overall. But the actual change in discount tickets is a real fall. The seven-day notice Apex fares have fallen in real terms; 24-hour notice SuperAdvance tickets have fallen in real terms; the group fare 4-Sight, at pounds 34, has brought the cost of travel in the M1 corridor down to the price of a tank of petrol.

We are happy to admit these are all fares which must be booked in advance. If you don't plan in advance or want the flexibility to travel on a range of trains then the costs are a bit higher. We don't think this is an unreasonable way to price our services.


Managing Director

Midland Mainline