Letter: Children in care

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WE loudly applaud Patricia Morgan's revelations and analysis of Britain's adoption system ("Social workers 'biased against adoption'", 23 March), if not all the recommendations for change. But, oh dear, oh dear, what of the reaction of such prominent bodies as the Association of Directors of Social Services and the British Agencies for Adoption and Fostering? They do nothing more than accuse, in familiar patronising manner, the accusers of being simplistic and misunderstanding the true nature of modern adoption.

There have been many other reports, including the Department of Health's own, that have condemned the current system for failing society's most vulnerable children. How refreshing it would be if the ADSS and BAAF came up with some plans and proposals themselves for improving the lot of children in care rather than staying locked into that old standby which I believe is known as "denial" in social services circles.


Director, The Adoption Forum

London SW8