Letter: China's orphanages need help, not sensationalist criticism

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From Mr David H. W. Grubb

Sir: Polly Toynbee is right to argue the case for those thousands of infertile couples who will now focus on female Chinese babies ("Buy a baby, save a life", 10 January), but she ignores why the problem of Chinese female orphans exists.

The core reason why so many babies are treated so badly and left to die has to be addressed. The Chinese political attitude to overpopulation has not only condoned but stimulated and regulated an existing attitude towards female babies. The vehemence of its policy is demonstrated in an equally deliberate lack of child care evident in numerous "orphanages".

A small number of babies will be fortunate enough to be adopted, but the focus of attention must be on training, education and childcare resources, with no political or financial strings attached. Buying babies does nothing to make this happen.

Yours faithfully,

David H. W. Grubb

Executive Director

Feed the Children



11 January