Letter: Chocs away!

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Sir: As a British citizen living in America (and as a devoted chocaholic), I was intrigued to read (report, 11 October) about criticism from MEPs of British chocolate. Having been in England on holiday, I have just filled my suitcase with chocolates to take back to the States, for myself and my American friends who have requested favourites such as Cadbury's Fruit and Nut, Yorkie raisin and biscuit and Maltesers.

Many American friends agree that British chocolate is far superior to American chocolate such as Hersheys or Reeses, which is too sweet and is coated with a waxy substance to prevent melting, and far better than most European chocolate, especially Swiss or German, which is too sickly and sweet. One American friend pinpointed the very thing which the MEPs are criticising: the high milk content of British chocolate, which gives it a wonderful velvety texture