Letter: Choose the ruler not the rule

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IAN SANDS, writing about the Pope's stand against contraception (Letters, 5 June), describes it as 'intrinsically evil to attempt to make up the rules when you don't play the game'. The logical consequences of this view are frightening. Following the argument through to English law, we would find ourselves in the position where only burglars, muggers and murderers were considered suitable candidates to make laws regarding these matters.

We are now getting close to the real argument surrounding the catechism. It is not the 'rules' themselves, but rather the authority that they are based upon which is the point at issue.

Whereas Catholics and many other Christians would say that their starting point is based on a set of absolute values, imposed from above with a specific overall aim, the likes of Ian Sands and Michele Roberts seem to have consensus as their foundation.

In this latter, man-made morality, all human action is made relative, and what is right and wrong is so easily changed according to prevailing fashions, with every man being his own king and pope. No wonder so many of our young people are confused; at least the Catholics have to look to only one Pope.

Paul Emery

Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire