Letter: Christians bring honesty to Westminster

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Sir: Your suggestion that a true Christian could not play a full part in politics ("Anyone can play Bible games", 8 April) denies the reality of any Christian's daily life. Political service does of course demand compromise but what family or business career does not also require regular surrendering of will to others' preferences?

A Christian politician should not compromise essential principles but must always be ready to be flexible over tactics. For example, a Christian may want to limit access to abortion but realising that the current parliament is not ready for such legislation may prefer to press for an extension of adoption rights to ensure full care for babies carried to full-term.

Today's political landscape requires more Christian involvement and I hope that believers would bring a sense of honesty and probity that Westminster is accused of lacking. Parliament as a whole would benefit if Members attacked each other less and focused on policy. All evidence suggests the public would appreciate this as well. Tony Blair could make a start by being a little bit more generous to other Christians who have been led by the Holy Spirit into other parties.

Tim Montgomerie

Director of Fellowship

Conservative Christian


London, N2