Letter: Christians bring honesty to Westminster

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Sir: So no true Christian would survive in politics (8 April). So much for the many members of the Lords and Commons who have been sincere followers of Christ and served their parties and the country with distinction.

One might as well say that no true Christian could survive in the City of London or in the boardroom of a major company because difficult decisions have to be made in grey areas at the limits of what is legally possible. If a person is a Christian they will take that faith with them into all areas of their life, it will govern their attitudes, inform their thought and motivate their actions.

Our culture has been formed out of the contribution of many such people. There will be many reasons why a person is drawn to a political party but to assume that a person of faith should not take that faith into account in the process or that he should be silent about his underlying motivations is a nonsense.

Stuart Mustow

Sutton Coldfield,

West Midlands