Letter: Church concerns

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Sir: I was most impressed that Gavin Reid, Bishop of Maidstone, responded so quickly to my reported comments on the statement of the House of Bishops (Letters, 19 January). However, the sentence of mine he quotes is but a part of my reaction to the bishops' statement, though I confess that I am disappointed at the need for further formal arrangements to protect those unable to accept women priests.

It does appear as if more concessions are being made to accommodate what is known to be a small minority. But I suppose it is right that the bishops spent so much time and energy on these new proposals, and I am genuinely pleased that they were able to agree the statement unanimously. After all, Christianity is about loving and caring for everyone, not just those who share the views of the majority.

Those who are still opposed to women priests can take great comfort that there are many bishops such as Gavin Reid, who although disagreeing with them, will nevertheless work to ensure that they are able to remain part of the church they love.

Yours faithfully,


Barley, Hertfordshire