Letter: Church prejudice

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Church prejudice

Sir: In criticising Lord Runcie, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, for knowingly ordaining homosexuals, the Rev Nigel Scotland refers to the belief that the Church of England is losing members at a rate of 300 per day (letter, 27 May).

He overlooks the possibility that at least a proportion of those leaving may be giving up on the Church precisely because of the persistence within it of ancient prejudices such as the view that homosexuality is sinful. Open and honest acceptance of the role which homosexuals do play (and probably always have played) in its ministry is the only way forward for the Church of England on this issue.

Supporters of any other attitude must say goodbye to the ability of the Church to comment without hypocrisy on any issue of sexual morality or prejudice, and indeed to such capacity as it may possess to speak in the modern world for a tolerant and caring form of Christianity.


Department of Theology

and Religious Studies

King's College, London WC2