Letter: Church tithes

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Sir: For some time now, Church of England congregations have been asked to increase their giving because they can no longer expect to finance the church with 'dead men's money'. Surely, now that the Archbishop of Canterbury has announced an inquiry into the Church Commissioner's financial management ('Carey suggests 10 per cent tithe from rich Anglicans', 14 July), we will be spared this misleading argument about 'dead men's money' - there is no such thing. If my relatives are kind enough to bequeath me money, it is my money, and I would be wise to manage it well.

The truth may be that the Church Commissioners have not successfully managed their inheritance, in which case the bishops should not be surprised if people cannot find the confidence to give them more.

Yours faithfully,


All Saints' Vicarage

New Longton,


15 July