Letter: Church's unchanging doctrine on homosexuality

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From Mr Murray Burke

Sir: Outrage's tactics are designed to expose the hypocrisy of institutions which contribute to the homophobia that gay men and lesbians face every day of their lives. While David Hope, the Bishop of London, may be privately sympathetic to gay issues, he is part of an institution that is not. He is, therefore actively supporting the discrimination and persecution that gay men and lesbians have to endure.

As a proud gay man (and not a member of Outrage), I do not think that it is fair that I should suffer because of another's hypocrisy. What exactly is humiliating about being gay?

Your comments ("Mr Tatchell's latest outrage", 14 March) can only lead me to believe that you don't mind us being privately gay, but you abhor us for being public about it. Are you worried about us revealing our true influence and size in the wider community?

Yours faithfully,


London, NW8

14 March