LETTER : City of Liverpool is not a lost cause

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From Mr F. W. Clark

Sir: Tony Bell criticises Liverpool but is quite happy, it seems, to frequent its pubs. It appears to be quite a common trait of people who live outside the city to, on the one hand, come into Liverpool to shop, to be entertained or, more importantly, to work but then, in Mr Bell's words, want no part of this "sad city".

I have experienced this contradictory attitude from colleagues I have worked alongside in Liverpool. I, too, at times, am highly critical of my own city. I, too, despise people from Liverpool who make money then leave the area to live elsewhere, but all is not Brookside and child murder. Go to any Liverpool primary school and observe the orchestras, drama, community work and fund-raising, all is not lost; dedicated people are trying to create a better future society.

Yours faithfully,