Letter : Clause IV: honourable socialists past and present, and the lea der with a will to win

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From Mr Michael Elrick Sir: Andrew Marr ("He's not one of them - and it shows", 11 January) professes doubts whether "Labour people" really want to win the next election. Perhaps if (he) made the effort to ask the scores of Labour activists who every weekend staff Labour Party street stalls, who deliver leaflets and newsletters come rain or shine, who campaign for the party in local, regional and national elections and who have remained loyal to the Labour Party despite 15 years of Conservative government and four general election defeats - he would have found an answer to his question.

Regardless of the politics and sentiment attached to the current Clause IV debate in the Labour Party, one thing will remain true - both for those who believe Clause IV is a sacred text and those who believe it should be rewritten - and that is, one and all, they wish to see the return of a Labour government led by Tony Blair.

Yours faithfully, Michael Elrick London, NW1

11 January