Letter: Clergyman's views incompatible with Christian ministry

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Sir: Thank God, at last a bishop has demonstrated common sense. He has taken the obvious step of sacking a priest of God who doesn't believe in God.

And what would Don Cupitt, Keith Ward and their colleagues (letter, 28 July) have us believe? That it is quite OK to recite the Apostle's Creed with your fingers crossed behind your back.

What next? The office of chairman of the beef industry occupied by a vegetarian. The directors of SmithKline Beecham committed herbalists. Or what about the vacant chair left by Mary Whitehouse being taken up by a brothel-keeper? All of which seems eminently sensible if priests with the atheistic views of the Rev Anthony Freeman are to keep their jobs.

Of course, Mr Freeman and those who agree with him should feel free to express their views, but is the Church the place to put them forward?

Yours faithfully,


Director, Pioneer

Charismatic Evangelicals

Esher, Surrey

28 July