Letter: Clergyman's views incompatible with Christian ministry

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Sir: Many Christians were deeply shocked when the Rev Anthony Freeman promulgated atheist views while practising as an Anglican priest. Some will now be horrified that 65 of his fellow ministers protest at his dismissal and represent it as theological censorship (Letters, 28 July). Censorship would have sought to debar publication of those views. Mr Freeman's dismissal simply accepts the incompatibility of his expressed views with Christian ministry.

Belief in the existence of an omnipotent God and in the divinity of Christ are the two most basic tenets of Christian belief; without that minimum of faith, how can an individual hold any office in Christian religion, let alone the sacred office of the priesthood?

Moreover, if the Church of England 'tolerates and values' a range of views so wide as to include those of Mr Freeman, then surely the Christian community is entitled to demand a new and definitive statement of Anglican belief?

Yours faithfully,


Beetley, Norfolk

28 July