Letter : Cold comfort farm

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From Mr Peter Fattorini

Sir: Am I alone in feeling uneasy about the concept of a water treatment works masquerading as a farm (" 'Farmstead' disguise for water treatment works", 22 May)? What on earth is wrong with a well-designed water treatment works?

The development, which is being given the stamp of approval by the Prince of Wales, is another stop on the way to turning the countryside into a theme park. A real traditional farmstead would be set in the context of old field boundaries, outbarns and possibly medieval lynchet systems. It would have more recent additions, such as silage clamps and milking units. There would be animals, muck, smells, people and farm vehicles.

This is dishonest design and will lead to confusion of our cultural heritage. If this approach is accepted as a way to permit development of our countryside, it will be increasingly hard to tell the difference between real and pastiche.

Yours sincerely,


Skipton, North Yorkshire