Letter: Combatting car fumes

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Sir: New evidence ("6,000 heart attacks a year from car fumes", 5 August) supports the Government's commitment to reducing private car usage, and demonstrates that urban traffic congestion is a burden on the NHS as well as UK business.

The research also strengthens the case of those arguing for a reversal of the road hierarchy to one favouring public transport over private - which incorporates a public transport "carrot" (smooth flow of buses) with a private transport "stick" (reduced private road space).

A first step in the right direction is to combat the blocking of bus lanes with the use of cameras fitted to the front of buses to identify offending motorists - currently being piloted in North London.

Many urban car users will be reticent to leave their car at home if alternative transport is not seen to be quicker.


Socialist Environment &

Resources Association

London N4