Letter: Come the glorious day, sister, men will do their share

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THREE WEEKS ago, reading Geraldine Bedell's expose of women being beholden to housework would have made me laugh.

Three weeks ago, my house was its usual muddle and mess, the Hoover idling below months of dust, washing lying around in gently slumbering heaps. Life was too short for housework]

Three weeks ago, the Flea Invasion Problem arrived.

As the Independent reported last week, fleas have never had it so good. They must have thought they'd landed in paradise when they hit my dust mound. Having now spent three weeks non-stop dusting and Hoovering, (spraying with every conceivable brand of ozone-destroying flea spray) the house is sparklingly unrecognisable. All to no avail. I write sadly, waiting for the council and whatever Exocet they use to try and rid me of this plague.

Elizabeth Barham

London E17