Letter: Condoms on the Heath: it was us

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Letter: Condoms on the Heath: it was us

Sir: John Lyttle (30 May) accuses Rubberstuffers of haunting Hampstead Heath, handing out condoms, and Rubberstuffers deny it (letter, 4 June). Actually it's Gay Men Fighting AIDS. We admit it. We have done for five years now. We also give out health information as they leave, and do valuable research. Last year we had two papers accepted by the international conference on AIDS in Vancouver.

We want the Heath to be safe and rewarding for all its users. So we provide one further service. Our volunteers organise "litter picnics' throughout the summer and collect bin bags full of rubbish. We hope that we leave the Heath a tidier place as well as a healthier one.


Heath Project Worker

Gay Men Fighting AIDS

London SW2