Letter: Conduct code for nanny agencies

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Letter: Conduct code for nanny agencies

Sir: In response to the letter (28 July) from the Federation of Recruitment and Employment Services (FRES), we at Playpen are aware of the Employment Agencies Act. However we do not feel that these regulations are sufficient to ensure good practice among nanny agencies.

Since the abolition of the Department of Employment agency licence, no checks are made and no vetting is done, either at the time of an agency's setting up or during the course of its day-to-day practice. Similarly with FRES, apart from cursory reference-taking at the time of application, no interviewing or proper vetting is done to ensure its applicants adhere to the FRES code of conduct.

Playpen is hoping to form a professional association of nanny agencies, whose code of conduct is of a higher standard than that practised by other employment agencies, given that we are responsible for placing adults in sole charge of babies and toddlers.


The Nanny Agency

Epsom, Surrey