Letter: Conduct of the campaign against the CSA

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Sir: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown states that 'A World in Action television programme . . . secretly filmed two FNF (Families Need Fathers) members giving advice . . . on how to abduct children from their mothers'. FNF rejects and condemns parental child abduction. Quite apart from the strongest moral and child welfare objections, fathers (unlike mothers) cannot hope to 'succeed' unless they have a viable life in some overseas country.

We are, however, aware that the legal and other obstructions put in the way of divorced and separated fathers wishing to stay involved in the lives of their children drive some to desperate and illegal acts. The way to reduce abductions, and perhaps also murders and suicides, is to recognise children's rights to two involved parents.

Yours faithfully,



Families Need Fathers

London, EC2