Letter: Conkering Korea

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Sir: Miles Kington is not, as claimed (8 October), a helpless victim of evolution, so much as a hapless victim of nostalgia, unbelievably lacking in the entrepreneurial vision needed to put the gee back into Great Britain.

Maybe they play the game yet in Wiltshire, but in London, where I work, the kids rush home to the Internet while worlds of conkers leafmeal lie. Thus I, last Tuesday, crossing the park to join some Korean friends for dinner, came across an unplundered carpet of the things and gathered them up and stuffed my pockets. To my delight - and a little to my hosts' amazement - the three children of the house learnt the game in no time and soon had a tournament going like the young Asian tigers they are.

My first crateload is already on its way to Seoul.


Hove, East Sussex