Letter: Constitutional realities: a society in need of definition

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Sir: I would like to object to your observations on the Queen in your leading article of 3 June, in particular the expression: 'despite her apparent failings as a mother . . .'.

Why is every mother, from the Queen downwards, always blamed if something is wrong with her grown- up children? There are two parents in that marriage, as with many marriages; furthermore, the failed marriages of the Queen's children took place during their adulthood and independence and it is not only insulting to the Queen to blame her as a failed mother, it is also rather an insult to the children to imply that in full adulthood they nevertheless remain dependent on their parents for their faults and virtues.

There comes a point in everyone's life when they stand on their own feet, are responsible for their own actions and develop their own character, regardless of upbringing. It

is called growing up and taking responsibility.

Yours faithfully,




4 June