Letter: Controlled parking on residential streets

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Sir: I was appalled by today's misleading article on controlled parking zones ('Parking restrictions attacked as 'green fascism' '). Because some councils are inefficient and/or greedy in their introduction of these zones, it in no way invalidates the principles involved. No one has a 'right' to 'park outside their own home', however territorially minded they might be. Nor does my heart exactly bleed for car-borne commuters 'forced out' of roads near city centres, and thus cruelly condemned to public transport, where they should have been in the first place had they not been too lazy.

In Croydon, CPZs were introduced a year ago and are both profitable and effective. So successful and popular have they proved that areas not originally included are now begging to take part. Our scheme works like this: antiquated (and often vandalised) parking meters, plus free bays in side roads, were replaced by electronic pay/display machines, total time allowed between two and eight hours depending on parking pressure in the road in question.

Residents pay pounds 10 per year for a colour-coded sticker limited to their area of residence and may park there indefinitely. Local businesses and long-term visitors can also apply for permits. Many extra bays have been put in, some in front of local shops, which

reduces dangerous parking.

Contrary to your article, not all CPZs are either unpopular or the work of green fascists.

Yours faithfully,



13 July