Letter: Controlled parking on residential streets

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Sir: Your article about the introduction of controlled parking presents a one-sided picture.

Your writer specifically mentions Richmond, but controlled parking in this borough is nothing new - residents' parking zones have been in operation for 21 years. When first introduced, the zones were welcomed by residents because they curbed parking in our streets by commuters, allowing us to park close to our homes.

Car ownership in 1990 was 19.7 million and forecasts show a growth to between 23.8 and 26 million by the year 2000, and up to 34 million to 2020. In the borough of Richmond in 1981, 21 per cent of households had two or more cars. In 1992, this figure had risen to 34 per cent. These figures explain why there is a problem.

Zones have been extended and introduced in other parts of the borough, but they are never imposed on residents. When, after a painstaking consultation exercise, a majority in a street or area vote against the introduction of a zone, it is not introduced. This has happened a number of times in the past, although requests to opt in are sometimes made at a later date by residents who rejected a proposed scheme originally.

Yours faithfully,





Planning & Transport Committee

Richmond upon Thames