Letter: Controversy in Vogue

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Sir: Having read Roger Tredre (22 May) and Marion Hume (26 May) on the portraits of Kate Moss in the current issue of Vogue, I have begun to wonder whether the Independent is deliberately creating a scandal as an excuse to reproduce the pictures themselves.

To date, I have received two letters and five telephone calls of complaint and three letters and numerous verbal messages of appreciation for these images. Doubtless there will be a few more of each. This, however, is slightly less response than we receive for an average lingerie shoot where a fashion magazine is traditionally criticised for depicting an unusually perfect vision of the female form and can in no way justify the 'scandal' described by Roger Tredre, nor Marion Hume's follow-up stating that 'many readers' were offended and disgusted.

Both writers are, of course, welcome to their own opinion and Vogue is no stranger to controversy over the images it has published, from Lee Miller's war photography to David Bailey's early fashion shoots - all now collectors' items.

Yours faithfully,


Editor, Vogue

London, W1