Letter: Councillors who do live there

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CAN IT be true that there are more 'no-go' estates in Hull than in the whole of Scotland ('Fear rules in no-go Britain', 17 April)? And, indeed, one fewer in Hull than in the whole of Scotland and Wales put together. I hope that most people would agree that this is straining credibility.

May I express surprise that you rely upon a story which is a gross distortion of a minor incident in Orchard Park. There are problems in Hull but, rather cruelly, your story fails to recognise that Gipsyville has a number of initiatives which include a police presence. Indeed, Gipsyville is providing a model for other areas in Hull.

Your second article (' 'Why won't you live here?' ', 24 April) is no better. A third of our City Councillors live on our council estates, including four at Greatfield and three at the neighbouring Preston Road/Marfleet estate.

Cllr Patrick J Doyle


Hull City Council