Letter: Country needs change - and so do Tories

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Sir: As a first-time general election voter, I read with interest Michael Streeter's article on the "Big Mac generation" (1 April). While there is clearly disillusionment among young people, I would dispute his claim that the Conservatives will be the beneficiaries.

Like most first-time voters, I can't remember much about the last Labour government, but the effects of 18 years of Tory rule are all too apparent. In employment, education, training and wider issues like crime and democracy the Conservatives' record speaks for itself - an endless list of wasted potential. Young people are the future, but many feel they have no future. The Tories have repeatedly failed young people and should never be trusted again.

A Labour government will make a real difference to young people's lives - by introducing a national minimum wage to end poverty pay, by getting 250,000 under-25s off benefit and into work and by changing the way our country is governed.


Grangemouth, Central Scotland