Letter: Countryside March

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I AM all for the Countryside Alliance rally on 1 March in London.

For that one day there will be no farm animals stuffed with hormones and antibiotics, no raptors poisoned, no badgers baited, no untaxed tractors on our roads, no wild animals hounded, no song-birds silenced, no hedges mangled, no folk having to work overtime to earn a living wage, no harmful chemicals spread on the land and nearby humans, no (or fewer) hypocrites singing hymns about "creatures great and small", no filling in of subsidy forms by those who curse everyone else for being parasites, no chance of bumping into certain persons as I roam my beloved Borders.

In short, God will be in his/her heaven and all will be right with the countryside world. All the vandals will be in Hyde Park. The only problem is whether to upset millions of decent Londoners by praying on that day to St David for rain to pour on the capital.