Letter: Crackdown on sick stalkers

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Sir: Earlier this year I found myself the victim of a hate-mail campaign and for four months I was besieged by an endless stream of sexually allusive and physically threatening material which was posted to my home, along with pornographic newspaper and magazine cuttings and a bag of unspeakable "gifts". My two young children were also threatened. Even the police were shocked at the ferocity of the attack.

I genuinely felt we were living in fear for our safety, if not our lives. I lost sleep and was forced to alter many plans in order to provide a constant level of vigilance in my home.

I truly believed this nightmare would cease when this pathetic and wicked woman was brought to justice. She pleaded guilty to five offences of sending obscene material through the post. I attended court as an observer only and was forced to listen to her eloquent solicitor give a heart-rending account of her client's impeccable character and lifelong devotion to good causes. The defendant was eventually fined a modest sum which she obligingly offered to pay off at pounds 30 per month.

My only consolation is that the Stalking Bill will hopefully be rushed through Parliament ("Sweeping penalties in new law on stalkers", 6 December), and that it will enable the courts to deal realistically with these sick and perverted characters.