Letter: Credibility where it is not due

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Sir: It was not unexpected that David Irving would wish to be a major researcher of the newly discovered Goebbels material in the Moscow archives.

The ready sponsorship of him by the Sunday Times is, however, both unbelievable and reprehensible. It affords him a credibility that is totally abhorrent to any person of integrity and morality, Jew or non-Jew.

We therefore applaud the Independent for the high profile it has given to this outrageous situation, as it has also done to the deplorable decision by Macmillan to publish Mr Irving's book on Goebbels later this year.

We trust that the exposure given by the Independent and the reaction of the public to it will give both the Sunday Times and Macmillan occasion to reconsider their association with Mr Irving. This has to be the only right decision of any reputable newspaper or publisher.

They both have a duty to uphold and disseminate truth. Their involvement with a man who, at worst, denies the Holocaust entirely and, at best, Hitler's knowledge of it, is, we hope, a temporary madness which, with the help of your paper's efforts, will be short lived.

Yours faithfully,



Union of Liberal &

Progressive Synagogues

London, W1

6 July