Letter: Critical battle for European aerospace

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Sir: As a Spaniard living here for many years, I have of course been deeply depressed by the recent sight of super-patriotic bulldogs and German-baiting posters in the election campaign. There is, however, a very different Britain, which for us foreigners is far more important.

I recently went to the Victoria & Albert Museum to see once more what is for me the most beautiful object there - Nino Pisano's Angel of the Annunciation.

Disappointed that it was badly lit, I went to the front desk, where a charming lady volunteer encouraged me to fill in a comments form. To my surprise and delight, I received within a week a personal letter back from the curator informing me that changes had been made in the lighting and hoping that they would meet with my approval on my next visit.

I doubt whether any other museum in Europe would have paid any attention to my comments, let alone taken any action. This kind of personal attention is to us in Europe far more important than the jingoistic rhetoric of your politicians.


London SW3