Letter: Cross-country trains are not being sidelined

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Sir: Your suggestion of impending demise for 'The Sussex Scot' ('The train now meandering . . . ,' 3 March) is unduly pessimistic. This InterCity train from Brighton to Edinburgh provides the convenience of a through journey combined with availability of the cheapest rail fares between Sussex and Scotland. Brian Jenkins speculates it must be unique in Britain. In fact, it is one of a network of such trains. Others include 'The Wessex Scot' from Edinburgh to Bournemouth and 'The Cornishman' from Dundee to Penzance. At 689 miles this is Britain's longest distance through train.

Far from being sidelined by privatisation, this network has been grouped together within InterCity Cross Country, which is being established from 1 April as one of the future passenger train franchise units.

Yours faithfully,


Designate Director, Cross Country